Carolyn Davison

Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Neuropsychology

Curriculum vitae

University of Toronto; Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Hospital


Course Instructor, Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

PSY260 Learning and Plasticity
PSY333 Health Psychology
PSY372 Human Memory
PSY450 History of Psychology, 2 terms
Teaching Assistant and Writing Consultant, Graduate Center for Academic Communication, University of Toronto

My role involves providing one-on-one writing consultations with graduate students to provide feedback on their applications to two of Canada's Tri-Council funding agencies (CIHR and NSERC). 
Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto
As a course TA, I have worked to support student learning by hosting one-on-one writing consultations, providing facilitative feedback on papers and exams, offering exam preparation Q&A sessions as well as exam review sessions, and presenting material in clear and captivating ways in both lecture-style and workshop-based tutorials.

- PSY100 Introductory Psychology, 1 term
- PSY202 Statistics II, 2 terms 
- PSY240 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, 1 term 
- PSY313 Aging, 6 terms 
- PSY322 Intergroup Relations, 1 term
- PSY372 Human Memory, 1 term
- PSY435 Environmental Psychology, 1 term
- PSY450 History of Psychology, 2 terms
- PSY493 Cognitive Neuroscience, 1 term 
Lead Writing Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto
My responsibilities in this role included working with course instructors to develop strong scaffolded writing assignments for undergraduate courses, designing and leading training sessions for teaching assistants in the productive evaluation of student writing, and facilitating benchmarking sessions for instructors and teaching assistants to coordinate learning goals and expectations when grading student writing.

I have worked closely with the following courses to support assignment design and specialized TA training:
- PSY 260 Learning and Plasticity, 3 terms
- PSY 270 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology, 2 terms
- PSY 280 Sensation and Perception, 3 terms
- PSY 290 Physiological Psychology, 2 terms

Department-wide TA Workshops:
- Teaching, Supporting, and Evaluating Student Writing (2021)
- Grading Writing from English Language Learners (2020, winter 2021, fall 2021)
- Teaching and Grading Student Writing (2020)

Workshop for Interdisciplinary Lead Writing TA Community of Practice:
- Time Management (2021)
Co-founder, Psychology Graduate Teaching Network

Created a space for graduate students in the department of psychology at UofT to learn about teaching opportunities within the department, explore teaching-related career options, and support each other in their teaching praxis.
Course Instructor, UofT SPRINT
2021, 2022, 2023

I teach an annual lecture and workshop on academic writing as part of UofT's  Summer Psychology Research Initiative (SPRINT), a program for high school students interested in pursuing psychology degrees that targets underrepresented students and aims to give them a head start to combat the systemic barriers they face.
The interactive lecture details types of writing common in the field of psychology and in psychology courses. It walks through the anatomy of a research paper,  and provides tips and tricks for optimizing the writing process.
EDI Toolkit Developer

Working with a small team, I helped to develop a resource of best practices with regard to equity, diversity, and inclusion for course instructors to reference for their undergraduate psychology courses. See Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion page for more details about this role.
Dance Instructor, Contemporary School of Dance

Drawing on my extensive RAD ballet training, I worked for several years introducing children to the joys of dance and creative expression. My focus was initially on the junior school, teaching many of the school's youngest pupils, but soon expanded to include teen and adult dancers as well, where it became clear that there was ample interest to advance that wasn't yet being met.

I worked closely with the studio director to introduce new levels of adult ballet to accommodate students who grew and advanced under my training. This also opened the door to many advanced adults who had extensive previous training to take one of the only classes for adults offered at their level in the region. I also introduced conditioning classes for adult students at the studio who wanted to focus on strength, flexibility, and honing technique outside of their dance classes.

Classes taught:
- Toddler & Me (1.5-3 years old)
- Preschool (3-4 years old)
- Kindies in Motion (4-5 years old)
- Pre-Primary (5-6 years old)
- Primary Ballet (6-7 years old)
- Beginner Teen Ballet (12-18)
- Adult Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, and Advanced Ballet (18+)
- Adult Beginner and Advanced Conditioning  (18+)
- Substitute teaching for all levels of RAD ballet
- General dance and ballet-intensive summer camps for children and teens ages 3-14


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