Carolyn Davison

Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Neuropsychology

University of Toronto; Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Hospital



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Featured in this article.
Fall Threadpainted Brain
Embroidery of a brain decorated with coloured circles that overlap to create new colours.
Geometric Overlapping Coloured Circles
Pink and Gold Needle Felted Brain
Red roses floral brain.

Purple Monochrome Sagittal Slice
Teal Monochrome Sagittal Slice

Floral Brain

"The Brain is Wider than the Sky" from Emily Dickinson's poem about the complex relationship between the mind and external reality.

Shades of Orange

"Time's Arrow" from Endel Tulving's 2002 article "Episodic Memory: From Mind to Brain"

Shades of Blue
Metallic Rainbow Neuron Brain

Neon Geometric

Blossom Brain Tree